With our high-quality products and exceptional service, Green Valley Meat Distributors is the community’s best Halal meat and poultry provider.
Our Zabiha Halal meats and poultry are derived from lawful animals and birds which were examined before slaughter and thereafter by USDA inspectors and were found wholesome and free of diseases. The animals and birds are slaughtered according to the Islamic Shariah and qualified as Zabiha Halal.
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About Green Valley Meat Distributors
Green Valley is dedicated to meet customer’s satisfaction by delivering products on time and as per business requirements. We have expanded our business by delivering to the entire Texas state and neighboring states
We offer wide variety of products which are certified halal and sourced from Halal approved producers. We have a commitment to exceptional standards in customer service, food quality and safety. Competitive pricing and excellent service are the identity and Customer satisfaction is the motto of Green Valley.
Your Halal Meat and Poultry Provider
At Green Valley Meat Distributors, we make sure to offer only the freshest highest quality Halal meat and poultry products in the market.