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Our Products
Green Valley Meat Distributors is proud to set an example using all natural indgredients with 0 preservatives.

Grade "A" Fresh Small Chickens. All Natural. No artificial ingredients. No added hormones.

  • Chicken Leg Quarters 40lb
  • Chicken Breast Bnls Skinless 40lb
  • Chicken Breast Bnls Skin On 40lb
  • Chicken Leg Meat 40lb
  • Chicken Leg Meat Skin On 40lb
  • Chicken Wings Lg 40lb
  • Chicken Wings Sm 40lb
  • Chicken Split Wings Sm 40lb
  • Chicken Split Wings Lg 40lb
  • Chicken Tenders 40lb
  • Chicken Drumsticks 40lb
  • Chicken Livers 20lb
  • Chicken Gizzards 20lb
  • Chicken Whole 3.25-3.5
  • Chicken Whole 2.25up
  • Chicken Whole 2.50up
  • Chicken Whole Bagged
  • Chicken Thigh Meat 40lb
  • Chicken Split Breast 40lb
  • Chicken Skin 40lb

Tahir Brand Chicken

Hand Slaughtered Natural Chicken, No Added Hormones, No Added Steroids.

Chicken Leg Quarters Tahir Brand 40lb

  • Chicken Whole Leg Tahir Brand 40lb
  • Chicken Breast Bnls Skinless Tahir Brand 40lb
  • Chicken Thigh Meat Tahir Brand 40lb
  • Chicken Whole Wing Tahir Brand 40lb
  • Chicken Tenders Tahir Brand 40lb
  • Chicken Drumsticks Tahir Brand 40lb
  • Chicken Whole 3.45-4.20 Tahir Brand 10 Heads
  • Chicken Whole 4.2+ Tahir Brand 8 Heads
  • Chicken Whole 2.45-3.45 Tahir Brand 12 Heads
  • Chicken Thigh B/I Tahir Brand 40lb
Your Halal Meat and Poultry Provider

Domestic, Imported, And Spring Lamb.

  • Lamb Shank Australian
  • Lamb Leg Bnls Australian
  • Lamb Leg B/I Australian
  • Lamb Shoulder Square Cut
  • Lamb Shoulder Bnls Bulk Pack
  • Lamb Trimmings
  • Lamb Carcass 
  • Lamb Fat
  • Lamb Forequarters
  • Lamb Ground (4x2.5)
  • Lamb Rack Standard Cut
  • Lamb Shoulder Square Cut B/I


Domestic And Imported

  • Mutton Shank
  • Goat Leg Bnls
  • Goat Leg B/I
  • Goat Carcass Austrailian 26 Down
  • Goat 6-Way 35 Up
  • Goat 6-Way 26 Down
  • Goat 6-Way Australian 35 Down
  • Mutton Leg B/I
  • Mutton 6-Way 45 Down
  • Mutton Leg Bnls
  • Mutton Tenderloin, Filet
  • Goat Cubes B/I
  • Mutton Ground

  • Lamb/Goat Feet Skin On
  • Lamb Sadder Bone 10lb
  • Lamb Brain
  • Lamb Tongue
  • Lamb/Goat Liver 10lb
  • Lamb/Goat Kidney 10lb
  • Lamb Spleen 10lb
  • Lamb Intestine For Casing
  • Lamb Tripe 10lb
  • Lamb Heads 10/Case

  • Turkey Sausage, 12/Case
  • Turkey Franks, 12/Case
  • Gyro-Halal Cones 2/20 (40lb)
  • Gyro-Halal Slices 4/5 Fully Cooked (20lb)
  • Pita-7" Bread 12/10

Premium Quality Grade A Whole Ducks. White Pekin Ducks Raised on Family-Owned Farms Where Their Diet Consists Of An All-Natural Blend Of Corn, Soy And Wheat. No Growth Promotants, Antibiotics Or Additives Are Used In The Feed.


Green Valley's Brand Jumbo Quails, Naturally Raised And Naturally Fed.


Whole Turkey Small
Whole Turkey Medium
Whole Turkey Large


Grain-Fed High Quality Beef.

  • Beef Top Inside Round 
  • Beef Eye Of Round 
  • Beef Tenderloin, Filet
  • Beef Chuck Tender
  • Beef Top Sirloin
  • Beef Brisket
  • Beef Goose Neck
  • Beef Shank Meat
  • Beef Hanging Tender
  • Beef Ground 81/19
  • Beef Trimmings 50% Lean
  • Beef Feet
  • Beef Ox-Tail
  • Beef Liver
  • Beef Honey Comb Tripe
  • Beef Intestine For Casing
  • Beef Femur Bone Ctr Cut
  • Beef Peeled Knuckles
  • Beef Shank B/I
  • Beef Teres Major
  • Beef Inside Skirt
Our prices reflect a commitment to remaining accessible to

everyone in this wonderful community.

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